Mangle & Wringer Bette's Bar

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Bette’s Bar is our original cold-processed soap, which is suitable for cleaning just about anything.  We make it by hand, in the traditional way, as Bette did for more than 70 years.

Made from 100% coconut oil it is natural, safe and non toxic. It doesn’t contain detergents, dyes, fillers, perfumes, phosphates, optical brighteners or petroleum based ingredients, which could irritate sensitive skin, and it is readily biodegradable and safe for septic tanks.

Use it in the laundry as a gentle stain removal booster. It’s particularly effective at removing grease and oil stains and is great for collars and cuffs.

Used around the house there is very little  Bette’s Bar can’t tackle.  Very gentle on skin, it can be used on a cloth or brush or as a solution in warm water.