Panty liner/sanitary pad

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SAY NO TO COMMERCIAL SANITARY PADS ENDING UP IN LANDFILLS: Each woman usually uses around 200kg of disposable period products throughout her menstruating years. This is a staggering number as all these products are made of plastic and cannot be recycled. These reusable, re-washable sanitary period towels are the best eco-alternative and you too can save the planet one month at a time!

PERFECT FOR MEDIUM FLOW PERIOD OR FIRST DAYS OF THE CYCLE: Our EarthBits Medium Size Period Pads are 25x7cm, perfect for heavier periods, or the first days of the cycle, as well as incontinence pads for bladder leakage.

SOFT BAMBOO LINING THAT WILL KEEP YOU DRY AND COMFORTABLE: These eco-friendly period pads are made with an incredibly soft yet resistant charcoal bamboo lining. The bamboo is well known for its natural antibacterial properties and guarantees extra hygiene. Their extra-absorbent nature will keep you dry and fresh for hours.

NO LEAKING, GREAT ECO-FRIENDLY ALTERNATIVE EVEN ON THE MOVE: The outer layer of these reusable eco-friendly sanitary pads is made with a waterproof, stain-resistant PUL fabric. They are easily fitted to your underwear by securing the pad with the poppers on the sides.

  • Stain-resistant PUL printed fabric, great for avoiding leakage
  • Charcoal bamboo lining for extra softness and absorbency
  • Long-lasting sanitary pads, you will end up saving money in the long run!
  • Machine washable, at 30 Degrees Celcius
  • A sustainable alternative to fighting period-generated pollution
  • 2 side poppers to securely fit the liner to the underwear and guaranteeing no leaking while moving.
  • Foldable in pocket-size pouches
  • Size: 25x7cm

**Please note** Our sanitary pads come with an outer layer made of PUL fabric. This is because in our experience, it is the most waterproof and helps to avoid unwanted leaks. However, some people may find that when used with underwear made with synthetic fabric, they can be a bit slippy and don't stay in place quite as well.

The best way to solve this issue is to use underwear made of 100% cotton while also using these pads, and avoid panties with very thin gussets as they won't allow enough grip for the sanitary pads to stay in place.