Tiny Miracles large paper vase cover

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Empty bottles can literally be found anywhere in the world and they can hold water, making them an ideal vase.  These paper vase covers slip over your bottle.jar.  They are made of coated paper and are hand folded by the women of Tiny Miracles.  Their unique triangular paper design ensures easy assembly and can be shaped to a design of your choice.  

Tiny Miracles Foundation is a Netherlands based charity founded in 2010 and focuses its efforts on eliminating poverty in one of the most impoverished city areas of Mumbai, India where the Pardeshi community lives. 

By buying this vase you ensure a fair paying job, improved healthcare and education for a whole generation of children.  One of the goals is that they are enabled to break their own poverty cycle.   

This tiny miracle of sustainable business gives you a unique piece of of handmade Dutch design. 

Height:  Approx 42cm