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Bee Bombs

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Beebombs: Restore Bee and Butterfly Habitats with Ease

Did you know that 97% of natural bee and butterfly habitat has been lost in the UK since WW2? With Beebombs, you can make a difference by re-creating these lost habitats and helping to bring back the bees.

  • Easy to Use: Beebombs require no gardening skill. Simply scatter them onto open ground at any time of the year.
  • Natural Germination: Once scattered, Beebombs need lots of water, sun, and time to grow. The wildflower seeds are hardy but slow growers, making it essential to plant them straight onto soil for optimal germination.
  • Protective Clay: The locally sourced clay in Beebombs protects the seeds as they germinate and establish themselves in the soil.
  • Biodiversity Conservation: By using Beebombs, you contribute to the restoration of lost wildflower habitat, making a vital impact on the biodiversity of Great Britain.
  • Perfect for Pollinators: Beebombs contain a mix of 18 British wildflower seeds designated as "Perfect for Pollinators" by the Royal Horticultural Society.
  • Handmade in Dorset: Each Beebomb is handcrafted in Dorset, using a blend of native wildflower seeds, locally sourced clay, and sifted topsoil.
  • Sustainable Packaging: Beebombs use only sustainable packaging, aligning with their commitment to environmental conservation.