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Mini Pouch - Elizabeth Scarlett

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Elizabeth Scarlett Mini pouch options:  Turtle conservation, baby turtle, elephant conservation, honey bee, kissing flamingo, seahorse, dragonfly, flamingo, crane, orca, celestial, baby giraffe, sacred heart


​​The Elizabeth Scarlett mini pouch will keep you organised in style each and every day. Perfect to tidy up your cosmetics, tech essentials or favourite pieces of jewellery. They make life feel a little more organised and a lot more luxurious. Presented in a Elizabeth Scarlett dust bag.

  • Material: 100% Velvet Base
  • Dimensions: 16x23cm
  • Cotton lining
  • Machine wash at 30 degrees
  • Gold zip closure
  • Double sided design

The Turtle Conservation motif honours one of the ocean's most beautiful creatures. With intricate golden threads set against a rich velvet base, this design promises to inject the magic of our underwater worlds into your everyday.

Every single item from the Conversation Collection protects sea turtle hatchlings, as they take their first, precious flip-flop steps towards the ocean.

As a result of ocean pollution, human impacts and natural predation, only 1% of hatchlings in the Dutch Caribbean live to adulthood. Elizabeth Scarlett are supporting Blue Marine Foundation in their incredible efforts to give this keystone species its very best shot at life. Funds raised from these products will allow for the cleaning of beaches, protection of endangered nests, and guiding of baby turtles safely to the waterfront.

'*10% from each turtle conservation product will be donated to the Blue Marine Foundation and will be allocated to St Maarten and St Eustatius projects. We will endeavour to direct the funds raised from your purchase to benefit turtles, however, any surplus funds will go towards their wider marine conservation initiatives.'


 Every product sold from the limited-edition Baby Elephant Collection will contribute the value of up to 3 bottles of special formula milk for orphan elephants in the care of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. With the funds raised from this special new design, Elizabeth Scarlett hope to be able to generate the equivalent of 8,000 more bottles of milk - enough to feed one orphaned elephant for 18 months.

'We only work with trusted, certified factories that are regularly audited by us or our partners. This ensures they uphold our values and have the same vision for social and environmental practices that we do. These are factories that are free from forced or underage labour; where employees benefit from a safe working environment and are paid a decent, living wage.

Each collection is produced in small batches every few months to ensure we are never overstocked and nothing goes to waste.'

The Better Cotton Initiative is a non-profit initiative, which intends to make the growing and extraction of cotton more sustainable. BCI farmers are trained on how to use water efficiently, care for the soil and natural habitats and apply decent work principles within their teams. You can read more about their work here.

Only 81,000 of the 24 million cotton farmers in China are BCI certified, which puts our cotton in the top 0.3% of cotton grown there. Industry wide change can’t come quickly enough. As of 2017, Better Cotton accounted for only 14% of global cotton production, but cotton is in 70% of all fashion garments.

Elizabeth Scarlett we are pushing their efforts further, and introduced organic and recycled materials to their repertoire in 2021.