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Placemats, set of 4 beach clean - Liga

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These sets of generously sized Beach Clean Placemats will be a great addition to your dinner table. Beautiful and practical with a contemporary mottled surface.

A rainbow of EVA plastic - sourced from our oceans is nestled playfully amongst sustainably sourced cork. Each mat is completely unique. Bright Blues and reds pop, while pastel pinks and purples compliment the monochromes and warm specs of brown. You can dine with a clear conscious, knowing you've done your bit for the environment without compromising on style.

Why Beach Clean?

The beach clean material is made from hand harvested cork and recycled EVA plastic saved from our oceans. Cork oak forests are home to many endangered species of animals, birds and plants. We can help them - the more cork we buy the more trees will be planted. What's more... cork is naturally harvested from the cork oak tree, every nine years, without harm. Combining recycled EVA plastic with sustainably sourced cork, these Beach Clean products are incredibly Eco-conscious. 

Although the cork is heat resistant the EVA (food safe) plastics are not so therefore please do not use as a hot plate/trivet, however oven warmed plates are absolutely fine.