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Radical Tea Towel - Durham

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It's no surprise, really, that Durham was one of the first UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the UK. The resting place of both St Cuthbert and St Bede, Durham was once the most important religious site in England, at least until 1170 and the martyrdom of Thomas Becket.

And of course, important religious sites need grand religious buildings - and Durham Cathedral is one of the most magnificent. With construction started in 1093, it's the largest and finest example of Norman architecture in England. But what makes Durham Cathedral especially famous - besides its impressive size and its significant selection of relics - is its nave's ribbed vaults and pointed arches, often considered to pre-date the rise of the French Gothic.

This design shows one of the most iconic views of Durham: the Castle and Cathedral seen from the winding banks of the River Wear, with the round arches of Framwellgate Bridge reflected in the water. Built in 1072 as a residence for the Bishops of Durham, the Castle is now one of the colleges of Durham University - a pretty amazing place to live as a student!

So whether you were born and bred in Durham or came here to study, this beautiful tea towel is the perfect accessory for your kitchen.

Designed and made in the UK from organic cotton.  48cm x 70cm