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Tea towel - Newcastle

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The seven bridges that cross the River Tyne create a scene now synonymous with the city of Newcastle. The most iconic is surely the arched Tyne Bridge, the design of which was based on the towering Sydney Harbour Bridge. It has now come to symbolise the industrial prowess of the North and Newcastle in particular. Yet interestingly the Tyne Bridge, and many of the other bridges on the river, have become home to 700 pairs of nesting kittiwakes and other birds. A welcome and wild contrast to the bridges and the city’s rough industrial heart.

This design builds further on that contrast. The deep pinks and purples evoke the dying embers of a sunset over the river. Newcastle is a city thriving with energy and Tyneside is a place beaming with a proud sense of identity. So, what better way to capture that, and bring the heart of Newcastle into your home, than with this beautiful tea towel?

Designed and made in England from organic cotton.  48 cm x 70 cm